“[Shan’s] effort in furthering global art projects is indestructible and thus very cool.” – Tim Merrick, The Clash Blog

If this blog had a motto, it would be “People around the world doing creative shite together, one project at a time.”

Mental Beans! Global Project Factory is the go-to place for collaborative projects conceived and concocted for its strong and active community of participants. Mental Beans orignially started out as an extension of my freelance business website and was created to provide a self-starting engine to get me producing more artwork. Originally titled Tulip Tree Presents in its first two years of existence, it has since evolved into Mental Beans! with an even greater emphasis on collaboration. Our biggest and longest running project is Mondo Instante which boasts regular participants from all over the world. Other collaborative projects will continue to run and be developed.

Mental Beans! is also devoted to bringing your attention to the many artists, musicians, writers, creative-types, organizations etcetera, etcetera that our community is affiliated with and/or passionately supports presented via posts, articles and also within a series of interviews. You can expect a lot of Joe Strummer/Mick Jones and Clash-related posts to boot.

A special note, while my personal creative outlet is through the visual arts, I am a certified musical head, completely obsessed with listening to music from all over the world and attending shows to steep myself in the exhilaration that comes from experiencing live music. Music heavily influences my artwork, so I make an effort to give back just a little via this blog by supporting the bands and musicians I love through the interviews, feature posts and Song of the Day/Song of the Night.

I invite friends, readers of this blog and newcomers passing by to become involved in the goings on in this blog and to get to know other members of this blog’s community. Please take time to pipe up via comments often, or by sending me a message via the Contact Form

As for myself, I am a freelance artist and graphic designer suffering from self diagnosed creative ADD constantly in need of drumming up one project or another. I grew up and reside just outside the Cleveland, Ohio region of the United States, and have been known to make super hero costumes for others, my first costume design being that for Super Sweets, a super-fast, incredible dessert baking dynamo who by day is my sister, Ady and by night is the rocktographer extraordinaire (I myself am a villain and am known in some parts as her nemesis, The Overbaker). Ady and I maintain the website Sisters Dissonance, where we chronicle our journeys to see live music that includes live music photography, photography of the towns and cities we explore, reviews (often in haiku), interviews, and resulting artwork that is inspired.

As always, thanks for your support and participation. Jump on board and make some noise with me! Chutalute!